Hi ya. My name is Jeb and I’m a post-doc at Leiden Observatory in Leiden, The Netherlands. My research involves studying nearby adolescent star clusters with the Michigan/Magellan Fiber system. M2FS gives me the ability to study the chemical composition and precision kinematics of these stars much more efficiently than previously possible. I’m also working on a variety of  calibration and data reduction algorithms for the JWST-MIRI instrument.

I am one of the core members of the M2FS instrument team, so I find myself supporting the growing number of astronomers that are beginning to use M2FS (first light was in Aug. ’13). I also spend much of my time working on various projects to make M2FS even better.

Outside of Science

I have interests in robotics, polygonal and sprite graphics programs (read Monkey Island, UT2kXX, Fallout, etc.), cycling (80 miles/130 km sounds like a nice jaunt, no?), projects involving power tools or a soldering iron. If curious, feel free to poke around.