Hi ya. My name is Jeb and I’m a project scientist at the University of California at Santa Baraba. My research involves studying nearby adolescent star clusters with the Michigan/Magellan Fiber system and direct imaging of exoplants with and array of MKID detectors. M2FS gives me the ability to study the chemical composition and precision kinematics of these stars much more efficiently than previously possible. I also background working on a variety of┬ácalibration and data reduction algorithms for the JWST-MIRI instrument.

I am one of the core members of the M2FS instrument team, so I find myself supporting the growing number of astronomers that are beginning to use M2FS (first light was in Aug. ’13). I also spend much of my time working on various projects to make M2FS even better.

Outside of Science

I have interests in robotics, polygonal and sprite graphics programs (read Monkey Island, UT2kXX, Fallout, etc.), cycling (80 miles/130 km sounds like a nice jaunt, no?), projects involving power tools or a soldering iron. If curious, feel free to poke around.